Thursday, December 22, 2011


 I love this quilt.  It is not a new pattern, it has been out a few years.  But, it really is a classic Winter Quilt.  I have had the pattern and the background fabric in my 'to do' pile     list for years.  I have seen several versions.  One customer stitched sequins all over, to give a sparkly look of snow.  Awesome!

 Several customers have made it in blues.  Really a terrific winter look.

Today, I saw this version on the world wide web.

OMG, I really love this.  Could this be a project in 2012?  It would definitely be Christmas, not just winter.  However, I really like the red and green border.  A lot.  Maybe this project has aged, just enough, for me to begin!

The pattern is Winter Wonderland by Bunny Hill Designs here.  We carry the pattern all year, it's not just for winter! J


Miss Jamee Quilts said...

Julie, you cant go wrong with this one! I love it! I settled on SNOW DAYS by Crabapple Hill myself, mostly because I like the look of the embroidery sneaking into the pieced blocks, but WINTER WONDERLAND is stunning! Have a go, and have fun!

Ronan's Grandma said...

I need to get mine finished. Thanks for posting the many versions.