Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I've been thinking about making an apron.  Did you know that the Monday after Mother's Day, is National Apron Day?

I love the idea of having a fresh new apron to wear on the upcoming holiday.  So, I did some looking on line today, and I was reminded just how much I love a Vintage Apron.

I love the packaging of the patterns.  The stylish hair.  The tiny waists!  And this is a size 14-16!

 Look at the great options in these 3 patterns.  I love the pockets in the center!  You could put a lot of Lego's in those babies!  Again the tiny waists!

 This is so adorable.  And, it was a free pattern.  I wish little blue birds would come tie my apron strings, and turn down my sheets at night.

 I love these flirty see-thru aprons.  Just what would you put in those pockets?  These must have been worn at fancy cocktail parties in the 50's.
 This looks more like it.  Cherries, a nice sized pocket,  a flirty ruffle at the bottom, and a normal waist line!

FYI-I mailed 72 'Just One Star' blocks to Moda last week.  Thanks for all of your participation!  J