Thursday, January 31, 2013

Good bye, old friend.

If you have spent any time here in Country Village, 
you have seen this chicken.  At Keepsake Cottage, we have always called him Phil.

He moved from time to time.
And when he relocated, the closest shops would give him a new name.

Elvis, Rod Stewart, Bob, Lady GaGa and Zenny.  These are the names I know about.

He was photographed, a lot!!  He had friends.  He was loud!

We lost him this weekend.
It has been a sad time for the shop owners and employees here in the Village.


You were a good chicken.

You will be missed by many.  xo j

(thank you Nancy, Quite the Find
Juliet, Bella and Max
Tiffany, Tiffany Ann Home)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I don't like to talk about age, here.
However, teaching this quilter a new trick, can take a little time.

I have been very unhappy with my computer.
She had some hic-ups, late in the summer.
At the end of October she crashed.

My Tech Guy, did CPR, and brought her back to me.
She hasn't been the same since.

She hides things in weird places.
She has a split personality.
I still love her.
She still has a home at the shop.

But, the Clubhouse needed a computer, desperately.
I just couldn't bring myself to adopt one of her cousins.
So, after much deliberation.
I walked myself into the Apple Store, and brought home Miss Mac.

I have a lot to learn.
But, I really like her.

I am in my Clubhouse, with my new friend.

I think we are going to get along just fine!

Now, back to quilting!  I have a Tri County Quilt Tour, Quilt to make!!  xo j

Monday, January 21, 2013


Did you know there is a new Holiday this year?
It's Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day.
This year it is on January 24. 
When I first heard about it, I put it in my Memory Bank
so I would remember to read about it.
Make a plan.
Be a part of the big event.
Well, it is this week.
I hope you will visit all your LQS's!
We will be giving you a Free heart themed FQ
with a minimum $10 purchase.
To show you just how much we love it when you visit us!
We are open from 10 until 8 on Thursdays.
So, please stop in.  Hopefully, Keepsake Cottage is your Favorite Local Quilt Shop!
xo j

Friday, January 18, 2013

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

Last week I was having a difficult time posting to blogger.
Somethings have changed.
And, figuring them out is just not easy for me.
So, today, I was determined to post my Quilt Shop Sampler Quilt!!

I am so happy with the way it turned out.
The fabric is beautiful.
And Pam's Quilting is really perfect.
As Mary Ellen Hopkin's used to say, 'it's not really a quilt, until it's quilted.'
Thank you so much for all of the kind words, and well wishes for the Quilt Shop Sampler, nod.
It means the world to me.  xo j

Friday, January 11, 2013


I have been keeping a little secret.
It all started with a phone call last September.
It was from Jennifer Keltner, Editor of
Quilt Sampler Magazine.
was selected to be in the Spring 2013, Top Shop issue of Quilt Sampler Magazine!!
It is like the Academy Awards for Quilt Shops!
I have squealed out loud more than once.
There were 3 people, including the editor, in the shop for 2 days in September. We took down all traces of Fall and Holiday, and made the shop look like Spring.
It was a wonderful time for all of us.
Then I got to work to create Our Quilt.
I was lucky enough to work with Lissa Alexander (Moda Lissa).  I used a future collection from Minick and Simpson, Indigo Crossing.  Timeless and classic blues, tans and creams.  The quilt pattern is Robbing Peter to Pay Paul.  And, it is completely cut on our Accuquilt Machine.

Our beautiful quilt will be hanging in the shop,
starting tomorrow.
You will be able to pre-order the quilt kit when we get closer to the
publishing date of the Magazine.  Remember, it will all be precut for you!!
Thanks for making Keepsake Cottage the best Local Quilt Shop! xo j