Friday, December 28, 2007


One of the fun things about this time of the year is meeting so many family and friends of my customers. Before Christmas I see husbands, mothers, children and friend in the shop, looking for something special for the quilter in their family. I try to ask who they are shopping for, and many times I know who they are!

The husbands are the best, some just come to the counter wanting a gift certificate, others try to browse. Thinking they will "know" the perfect gift when they find it. I know how they feel, I have shopped in boat and motorcycle shops for years. My husband has always been kind about my choices, but I'm not sure I really knew what I was doing. Some of your spouses were so grateful that we could help them here, they gave us the rest of your list, and wanted help with that too! We made phone calls, directed them to other stores or on-line sites. Hopefully you all got exactly what you were looking for.

I was surrounded by my family on Christmas Day. Just what I wanted. My Dad, his wife, my 3 sons, my husband and his 2 kids. It was wonderful, until the band decided that since they all had the day off, they should have band practice. I protested, but they assured me they would "keep it down". They did this while son#1 was napping, big mistake. He went upstairs twice to "Quiet" them down, but when the windows started to rattle, I went up and ended it. What would Christmas be without a little family glitch.

Gotta love 'em!

Friday, December 21, 2007


Yesterday, my 22 yr old son asked if I would like to go to a yoga class with him. Really, my boy. His boss, Chefie, went to a class recently, and she felt great. So, he's thinking this would be a great mother-son activity. The problem is he stays up until 3am and doesn't get up before noon. So, when would we go? And, he doesn't want to go to a class in Kenmore, but one in "the city". We'll figure something out.

Well I am still behind with Christmas. I'm going to work in the house this afternoon, and whatever I don't use to decorate is going to the garage. Done. The hubby and I are shopping tonight, I've bribed him with PF Changs for dinner. There are just some people that I don't have a clue what to buy for. I've decided to make pillowcases for the boys in the band (Havoc Staff), but I will give them to them for New Year gifts! Great Idea! So, the stress is sliding off.
I will bake cookies on Sun or Monday, and mail some to my brother on Mon, or Wed. So, I am feeling better. At least for the moment!

My granddog, Arthur ate one of each Idaho boys boots. So, Chris went to the grocery store and bought Cam a new pair of boots, but wants to get his in Seattle at a real store. Nice brother.

Ridley's is the grocery store in their town that has Everything, including a quilt store upstairs!

Back to work. J

Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday Monday

Okay, it's Monday morning. I did finish a quilt top that I am giving as a gift. We will worry about the quilting later. Then I gathered fabric to make potholders and pillowcases. When I actually started sewing I made samples for the shop. I finished an apron and a tote bag from the darling Learn to Sew tin, and worked on my Moda U blocks. Hopefully the gift sewing will kick in big time tonight! I did work on Saturday and Sunday, maybe that has something to do with my "progress". J

Friday, December 14, 2007

11 days until Christmas

Yikes! I am not sure how it happens. It seems like I should be ready before anyone. I order fabric and patterns 10 to 14 months in advance, I am surrounded by inspiration. I always think that I have more than enough time to make gifts for all of my friends and family. And then I wake up in the middle of the night and realize that is only 11 days until Christmas, and I have only made 4 potholders, and I have given 3 of them away!

Charm packs and Jelly Rolls are the only answer, everything is cut for you. There are darling patterns, or you can just sew them together randomly. It is the only way I will get anything finished. However, I have had a few long-arm quilters stop in to tell us that they can still quilt a few things before Christmas. I wonder if they have any idea that it is only 11 days away?

I will let you know if I get anything done over the weekend! Keep stitching, Julie

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Diving In

I have wanted a way to in contact with all of you, that was more causal than my monthly newsletter. The current way to do that is though a blog. So I am ready to try it out. I plan to let you know what is going on in the shop, the village and who knows what else!

This will also be a way for you to let me know your thoughts as well.

I am trying this in baby steps, so please be kind. I plan to learn how to post pictures, as well. It should be a wonderful learning experience as well.

Keep stitching, Julie