Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Still Having Fun in Wisconsin

This is the newest Atkinison pattern that we have been working on this week. We think it is going to be called 4 on the Floor. We have all been busy sewing our own version. This one is Laura's. Her quilt shop, Cotton Patch is in Sarasotta, Fl. Her fabric is bright batiks.

This Black and White version with red center's is Laurel's from Bear Patch in White Bear Lake, MN. The graphics are wonderful.

These are blocks from Kelly Ann, from, Kelly Ann's Quilting in Virginia. There is Shelly in the forground sewing away. She is always way ahead of us. Sewing without distraction is her speciality! Her shop is The Quilted Forest in Forest City, Iowa, and she designs some of my favorite table runner patterns, the little lamenated cards from Pieced Tree Designs.

This is my quilt top. Sea Brease, Spa Day, Beach Glass. It reminds me of a calming day. I am totally in love with this quilt top, the colors and the design!

Here was a fun little project last night. A wine gift bag. I used the sweet poinsetta fabric from Holiday Happy. You all know how I feel about that entire group. It was fun to cut into it a little bit. I feel a big girl quilt coming on, however.
This is an amazing retreat, some of these women have become such wonderful friends. I don't want it to end. J

Monday, July 26, 2010

Quilt Shop Owners on Retreat

Quilt shop owners love a retreat as much as our customers do. This is my big retreat week. I have traveled to Amish country in Wisconsin to join 19 other quilt shop owners from across the country. This is my 3rd year to attend. I have made wonderful friends, and terrific samples for the shop. It might be my favorite week of the year. Tonight we all covered little note books, and told a little about ourselves. Mine was covered with cherries and had a little button. Pretty adorable.

Terry Atkinson is our hostess. She has great ideas for helping our customers be successful. We always get to sew with patterns that are not on the market yet, by the time the patterns are printed, we all have finished samples to show you, our favorite customers.

She always has the cutest tablescapes. Tonight theme was "Ice Cream Social" Decorated with darling bags and kits for us to sew later this week.

The table runner was from her book "Let's do Lunch". I know many of you have it in your library. Dig it out and make this bright runner for a summer party!
There is lots of fun to come over the next 3 days. I love that it is still Monday. J

Friday, July 23, 2010

Holiday Happy!

I know it seems like Christmas everyday here at Keepsake Cottage, but there are some days that make you giddy. Yesterday was one of those days. UPS Rob dropped off 4 boxes marked Lecien in our courtyard. Yes, 4 bundles of Joy! It's like getting 4 baby dolls under the Christmas tree. Three of us grabbed scissors, to open the boxes. This is the first box we opened. The most adorable Christmas fabric, ever. Designed by the amazing Monica Snow, better known as The Happy Zombie. Her color selection is out of this world, and Lecien's printing is beautiful. When they teamed up, I knew it would be fabulous. I was not disappointed.

There was singing and a little dancing as we unpacked the boxes. UPS Rob wasn't sure what to do with us!

Just look at those little Christmas Gnome's!

This guy has a cherry on his hat. What could be cuter than that, I ask you? My heart is skipping a beat just looking at the pictures!! J

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vintage Needle Cases

I love old sewing notions. Even a partially used spool of thread brings a smile to my face. I wonder about the woman who was using it. Was it just for mending, or was she making clothes for her children? It's all so romantic.

This adorable wool puppy is one of my favorite finds. Just look at that face! I have never seen another one like it, so I imagine someone handmade it for a child.

When I find these little needle cases, I leave them just as I found them. With needle and thread ready for the sewers next stitches. This little hat isn't fancy, but I find it very charming.

This isn't a needle case, but it belongs in the Cutest Pincushion Hall of Fame! It's a sweet kitty wristlet. You would be smiling the entire time you were sewing if you were wearing this!

When I look through my collection of Vintage sewing supplies, it makes me want to find the nearest Antique Shop! I know there are wonderful things out there that I haven't found yet! J

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Couple of Reminders

I was lucky enough to carve out a little sewing time yesterday. It was wonderful. No deadline pressures, just a little 'me' time. One of the things I worked on was my 9-patch project. I have not been keeping my promise to make one 9-patch a day this summer. I was out of town, trying to catch up, having shop hop, inventory, celebrating the 4th of July and a week of heat. Well there they are, all of my excuses. The wonderful news is, I can can catch up! I made 10 blocks yesterday! And, am heading to my sewing room to make a couple more before I leave for the shop this morning.

I thought I would remind you about the 9-patch project, so if you had fallen behind, or hadn't started yet, it's not to late. Jump on board. I want to have a September Show and Tell with lots of great quilts. So, keep sewing!

The other reminder is the Schnibbles Contest. I hope you are working on a quilt for this contest. They need to be completed and turned into the shop by July 31. I am looking forward to seeing your creations! J

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


If you were going to design a fabric, and name it Sweet Divinity, wouldn't it look just like this!!
You can almost smell how sweet it is. The colors are perfect for a sweet little dress for sweet little girl. This is a fabric that will be available from Riley Blake in September.

I was looking on their website and found some fun things to share. They have a tutorial, similar to the Moda Bake Shop, called Cutting Corners College. Super cute projects. And a great blog, if you look at Cutting Class you can see the photo's from the fabric manufacturing plant in Korea. If you loved the episodes of Mr. Rogers visiting plants, you will love this!

This is one of the adorable Halloween prints from RB, called Boo To You. Lots of great dots, stripes and these darling little trick or treaters. It's all in stock, and waiting for you on the front porch!J

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I have always loved a patriotic quilt, and have made quite a few. Yesterday, I was looking for a few small quilts to decorate with and found some old favorites. This flag was made nearly 20 years ago. Little log cabin blocks make the star, and I even hand quilted it!

These darling little flags were made from a Little Quilts pattern, probably 15 years ago. I hand quilted it and made a bias striped binding, an all time favorite.

I made this sweet little spool quilt before I owned the shop, so over 20 years ago!
Red, White and Blue never goes out of style! Long may she wave!! J