Monday, December 27, 2010


With Christmas in the rear view mirror, my husband and I headed over the mountains, for a little R&R.  There is snow, lots of snow.  And the threat of more on the way.  We have groceries, firewood, and a local winery within walking distance.  There is a stack of books on the table, DVD's, my trusty pink laptop, and a bag of unfinished projects!  What could be better?  Well, my son and his fiance had to cancel, because of the snow, having them here would be the best ever.  But, UFO's have now popped to the top of my list!

Look at that sweet stack of blades, already basted and ready for whip stitching!  I worked on them years ago, while I was on a bus trip in Boston.  If any of you remember what year Quilt Market was in Boston, please let me know.  That's when this project was started!

Yes, some are already whip stitched together, just waiting for their friends
to join them.  They are pretty stinkin' cute.  The fabrics are timeless, I know they were printed in the 80's but, they could have been printed in the 40's or 2010.  I love that about them.

They are so happy, and I am happy to have them out of the bag, and ready to play.  There will be 12 blocks, they will be appliqued to a 12" muslin block, and a yellow center will go on each one.  I might sash them in yellow, I am not sure yet.  Borders?  Binding?  They are so friendly, I am sure they will tell me exactly how they want to be finished! 

This will be my Happy 2011 quilt!!  J

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Cheer

Getting ready for the Holiday's has been different for me this year.

I am not really sure why, but I haven't pushed myself to do all of the things I usually do.

Today, I finally hung a few of my old favorite Christmas quilts.

This Holly Basket Quilt means a lot to me.  It is an old Thimbleberries pattern.
I hand appliqued the holly and the berries while sitting next to my mom, during her final days.
I remember her telling me that I would ruin my eyes if I continued to wear 'cheater' glasses.
Once a mom, always a mom!

This Snowman quilt is the size of a door, a life size, friendly fellow. 
Orange fabric was difficult to find when I made this.  Now, orange is one of my favorite colors.
Don't you think buttons always add a bit of whimsy to a quilt?

I bet this quilt is at least 20 years old.  But, it is always the first one I hang. 
It will stay up long after Christmas is over.

It was a Debbie Mumm pattern.  On the pattern cover there were 4 snowmen, with 3 boys
it made sense to just make 3.  I love the simplistic lines of this quilt.  I was still hand quilting everything!

Tonight, when I get home from the shop, I am going to light an Apple Pie Candle, listen to Elvis sing Christmas songs, and wrap a few gifts.  I feel like I am finally getting ready for the big Holiday!

I plan to bake some cookies in the next few days, remember all of those yummy recipes we shared during the Mistletoe Make and Bake Bloghop?  I must get busy!! J

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Weather Report

 Today is one of those days, when everyone though the door is talking about the weather.  Even Face Book is full of weather comments.  This morning we had bright flashes of lightning followed by long, loud thunder claps.  There was rain, wind and hail in some places.   Quite the wake up call!  Now, the sky is blue and the sun is shinning. 

When I was growing up, my Grandparents lived on a farm outside of Portland, Oregon.  I loved spending time there.  I was always willing to help, we had to gather eggs, milk Bessy the cow, throw the ball for Shep, feed all of the barn cats.  My Grandmother did not quilt, she had a quilt frame, but it was never taken out of the Sears and Roebuck's box.  She mended my Grandfathers shirts, made sock monkeys and a few other soft toys.  She had a button box, which I treasure today.  One of my earliest sewing memories, is sewing buttons on wash cloths, picking the prettiest ones from the box. I imagine, my Grandfather was tired of my 'help', and she had to find a project to keep me inside!

In the hall way of the farm house, there was a big black wall phone.  They were on a party line,  remember those?  They knew what was going on at the near-by farms by listening in. They had a special ring, and I remember them saying 'It's for the Rassmussen's'.  We all know who's phone is ringing by our special ring tones, today!  Everything old is new again!  Next to the phone, hanging from a string, was a current copy of the Farmer's Almanac, and a pencil that my Grandfather sharpened with his pocket knife.  He would look at the Almanac, often.  Quoted it.  I just remember it's yellow cover.

Today, I decided to see what the Almanac had in store for our winter weather, since we have started out with a bang!  But, look at the map,  Mild and Very Wet.  That is great news for those of us in the NW.  We know how to do Very Wet, it's the Very Cold, that we have a hard time with.  It also said today was a good day to cut your hair, weaning and potty training, bake, cut fire wood and dig holes.  Nothing about stitching, hmm.  I wonder if they told women when to sew, mend, quilt, stitch?  I think it is something we should all but on our calendars!  Make time to do a little stitching, it's way more fun than digging holes!  J

PS- a pantie raid update.  Today, I am delivering 73 pairs of panties, and 65 pairs of socks to the Everett Gospel Mission.  They were thrilled with the call, as you can imagine, they are taking care of more people than ever.  Thank you for all of your generosity!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Embroidery has always been popular.  It's a great way to introduce young girls to sewing.  I remember doing a little embroidery during a Blue Bird meeting, I loved it then, and I love it now.  Sometimes I am intimidated when I see the beautiful work both Faith and Kay do. I have decided that practice is the only way to get better, so I have been stitching a little in the evenings. 

We have quite a few patterns for embroidery in the shop. Did you know that we even carry the Aunt Martha's transfers?  I had an Aunt Thelma.  She taught me the love of collecting.  I own her salt and pepper shaker collection.  Hundred's of them. They give me great pleasure.  I know how hard she worked, in the cannery, and spending 39 cents at Woolworth's was a big deal!  She had many collections, but I don't think she realized we would call them collections today.  I have a big box of embroidery patterns that she mailed away for.  A wonderful look at the patterns that were available in the 40's and 50's.  My father and his brother thought they were 'junk'.  Not Me!  I treasure them.  She also collected pre printed embroidery projects.  Yes, I have many of those, also.  I will dig them out, and take pictures for you!

 This little stitchery, from Rosalie Quinlin, is the one I am working on right now.  Rosalie is an Australian designer, you may have seen her projects in the Australian magazines.  I ordered her patterns last week, I imagine they are on a slow boat, but when they arrive it is going to be a wonderful day.  Her things are delightful, and so is she!!

We have many customers who have made this pattern.  It is from Crabapple Hill, and a classic for sure.  More than one customer has done it in blue and white. It is on my To Do list.  That list just keeps growing!  How does that happen? J