Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer Games

I love the Olympics.  Summer, Winter, it doesn't matter. 

I love the stories of the athletes.  Their hard work and determination.
They are a very special group of people.

Today, as I get ready to watch the Opening Ceremony in London,
I was wishing I had made a quilt, to hang in my family room.

A Union Jack would be perfect. 

I have seen other Union Jack quilts in Blogland.

Moda Bake Shop has a really cute, scrappy one.  Using FaLaLaLa from French General.

My friend Kay over at Quilt Studio Happenings made this one in honor of the Queens Jubilee.  Her pattern was from Busy Bee Quilt Designs

At Quilt Story there is a foundation paper pieced method for making your own Union Jack.

I am sure there are other great ideas out there.  We all have 2 weeks!  So,
Let The Quilting Begin!!  xo J


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Time

I love the look of the shop in the Summer.  It is just so stinkin' cute!

I had a new heat pump put in this spring.The man installing it, was going to put
the wiring right down the center of the painting.  A younger guy came to help, and said 'you know, you don't have to ruin the art work'  He was my hero that day.  The wiring is encased in white plastic down the right side of the sign.  Not to shabby!

Rebecca, the Master gardener for Country Village,  planted this quilt block a couple of years ago. 
Super Cute!

And, I love a chance to take a picture of the chicken on the highway!

I hope you are enjoying a bit of sunshine.  It is sure nice here, at Keepsake Cottage!  J

Friday, July 20, 2012


The day after the Shop Hop was over, I hopped on a plane and flew to LA.  Then my son and I drove 3,000 miles in 6 days.  Ending up in New York City!  He was moving, and wanted a road trip buddy.  What an exciting time we had.  It was HOT!  2 days of 112.  Every day was over 100.  That's tough on a girl from the North West.

This was an amazing statue of Marilyn Monroe in Palm Springs.  Gives a new meaning to "Pull up your big girl panties!  Yep, that's my boy taking a picture of them!

We had to make a U-Turn to see this sign up close.  We didn't add to it, but had a great laugh.

I had to stop in Needles!  Any quilter worth her salt would want a picture here.  There wasn't a quilt shop, but there was a Needles Point Pharmacy.   It is located on the Old Route 66.  And, it was steaming hot!

We stayed in Flagstaff, AZ on our second night.  We hit the mother lode when it comes to license plates.  19 different states in our hotel parking lot!  That's when we started making a list.  We saw 42 states, and 3 Canadian Provence's.

We made a stop in the Painted Desert.  It was breath taking.  We would have loved more time here.

I was born in New Mexico, sadly, the Visitors Center was closed.

In Mississippi we saw a sign for a Mariner's minor league team.  So we stopped for a photo.

In Nashville we took time for lunch at BB Kings. Cameron is sitting in front of a painting of Jerry Lee Lewis.

West Virginia is my husbands home state, so there were lots of pictures to send home!

We arrived in NYC at 10:30 that night.  Walked around Time Square, had an adult beverage, and did a little people watching.  The next morning at 8am I was on a flight back to Seattle. 

This was one of the most priceless weeks of my life.

If you ever have a chance to do something spontaneous with one of your sweet children, DO IT!  You won't ever be sorry.  xo J