Friday, December 30, 2011







pre cut fabrics not included in the sale

Thursday, December 29, 2011


My last blog post was all about one of my FAVORITE quilts.  Winter Wonderland.  I said it was a pattern by Bunny Hill.   I love Bunny Hill Designs, Anne Sutton is so sweet and talented.

However, Winter Wonderland was designed by SUPER Talented and wonderful, Meg Hawkey, of CRABAPPLE HILL DESIGNS

Blame it on too many Eggnog Latte's.

Thanks to Jan, one of Meg's talented stitcher's, for calling me out catching this flub of mine!!

I think anyone who puts Hill in their design name must be, sweet, charming and of course TALENTED! J

Thursday, December 22, 2011


 I love this quilt.  It is not a new pattern, it has been out a few years.  But, it really is a classic Winter Quilt.  I have had the pattern and the background fabric in my 'to do' pile     list for years.  I have seen several versions.  One customer stitched sequins all over, to give a sparkly look of snow.  Awesome!

 Several customers have made it in blues.  Really a terrific winter look.

Today, I saw this version on the world wide web.

OMG, I really love this.  Could this be a project in 2012?  It would definitely be Christmas, not just winter.  However, I really like the red and green border.  A lot.  Maybe this project has aged, just enough, for me to begin!

The pattern is Winter Wonderland by Bunny Hill Designs here.  We carry the pattern all year, it's not just for winter! J

Saturday, December 17, 2011


I remember my classroom windows covered with paper snowflakes.  I loved making them.  I don't think you could make one like this with those little snub nosed scissors, however! 

Maybe that is what attracts me to Hawaiian quilts.

Today, I have been reading blogs, working in the office.  I came across Mary Lou Weidman's blog here.  She introduced me to a whole new kind of snowflake!  A digital one.  I am not very good at it, I need my 18 year old nephew to help me.  But, try it out here, it is super fun!   J

Thursday, December 15, 2011


How many times have I said "I love my job?"  Today was another day when I was reminded of that.

A delivery came a couple of days ago.  I haven't been in the shop much, so I hadn't opened it, until this morning.

The box was from MODA.  It was totally flat.

Inside was a shinny, red, cutting mat.

As I pulled it out of the box, and then out of the plastic covering.  My heart skipped a beat!

Take a closer look.

Can you stand it?  I know I can't.  OH MY GOSH!!  My very own Red, Christmas, Moda, Cutting Mat!  Life doesn't not get any better than this. 

A Giant Happy Holiday Hug to all of my buddies at Moda.  Once again, you have proven, owning a Quilt Shop is the BEST J.O.B.  EVER!!

Monday, December 12, 2011


One of my customers, and a wonderful longarmer, has been working on a new ruler for curves, and patterns to go along with the ruler.

She is launching her ruler on her website  Go on over, and check out the wonderful designs she has come up.  Such a clever young woman.  She makes me feel like I could do a curvy quilt!

Congratulations Jenny!!

Monday, November 28, 2011


This weekend I did a little sewing, nothing major.  But, it was SEWING!

I wanted a little hand project, so I snooped around and found a cute little tin, filled with yo-yo's.
Why was this not finished?
They were made from a charm pack. I had used an older Black Bird Designs collection, Madeira.

We were going to go to my father and his sweet little wife's house for Thanksgiving.  However, my DH wasn't feeling well, so we stayed home.  Ruthie has Fanciscan Desert Rose dishes.  I made these little napkins for her.  They are on there way to her, via the USPS.  Hopefully, she will be able to enjoy them when her little lady friends come for cards or Bunco.

I made these napkins from a different pattern.  They are folded differently, making them tall and skinny.  Fun for the holidays!

Then, I worked on my Cotton Club!!  I made 2 blocks yesterday, while watching a Chick Flick.

My, Oh, MY they are stinkin' cute! 

Block 7

Block 8.

Maybe this afternoon I can make block 9.  16  1/2 square triangles, I am not afraid!

Friday, November 25, 2011


I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving Friday!  Isn't that much nicer than Black Friday? This year there was more reports of violence in the Big Box Stores.  People pushing, fighting and even spaying Pepper Spray, to get the best bargain.

I like my little shop.  I want it to be a nice place to visit.  I want people to feel happy when they arrive, and satisfied when they leave.

American Express has used their Shop Small ad campaign again, for the second year.  I love the idea of shopping in stores where they know me, or know my family.  My father has purchased flowers from the same florist for over 15 years.  They knew my mom, helped with her funeral, did his wedding flowers 8 years ago, and make table arrangements for me each time Daddy and Ruthie come to visit.

I like to eat in places that know me.  If I order something different at Papa's Place or the Village Bean, they check to be sure I want to make a switch.  At our local Mexican restaurant, my Husband tells the waitress to 'just bring me something".  There is a sense of friendship and trust in places like that.

As a small business owner, I love knowing my customers.  I think of you when I am shopping for the store.  Who likes a certain author or fabric designer.  What kind of Block of the Month will my Saturday Girls like.  It's all about being a small business.

I hope you will keep this in mind as you are shopping and dining out this Holiday Season.  Small business is the cornerstone of our neighborhoods.  Support them, by Shopping Small!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


In September I had high hopes of getting a great head start on my Cotton Club Block of the Month sample.

I love the colors, the adorable 5" blocks and the setting.  45 blocks in all.  5 the first month, and then 4 per month for the next 10 months.  Seems very do-able.

I got off to a great start.  I completed 4 blocks one Sunday afternoon.  Each one measured the exact 5 1/2" it was supposed to.  They were so cute.  I was in Quilt Love.

 Then, I am not sure exactly what happened.  There was a beautiful wedding in October.  A stunning bride and a handsome groom.  I was a little busy with that.  There was some sewing involved, and entertaining. 

I do remember a stinkin' cold near the end of October.  Then, there was Quilt Market.  Six days in Quilt Heaven, with my 'Peeps'.   I remember walking into the shop on November 1st, and realizing that there was not 1 Christmas sample in the shop.  Not One!!  So, off to the -factory- sewing room I went.  I made 2 table runners, a child's Christmas Monkey quilt, a wall hanging and a tree skirt.  I believe that was last week.

This week, I am back in love with my Cotton Club project!

These are the Original Fab Four.  Sweet, don't you think?

 Block number 5.  I am having fun now!

Block 6.  Now we are doing 1/2 square triangles, and fussy cutting.  YIPPEE!!

I can't tell you how fun it is to work on something so small, and precise.  I feel all Giddy inside. 
A Quilt Crush, if you will.

I can't wait to get home and start block 7.

Is anyone else sewing along?  J

Monday, November 14, 2011

My Boy, Cameron

 I am sure many of you communicate with your children via text message. My DH and I realized a few years ago, the boys would answer a text, long before they would answer their phones. I am sure if you are out with your buddies, the last thing you want to do is have your Mama being a nagamuffin on the phone!

Cameron has a quick smile and a huge heart.  A couple of weeks ago, he was on a little adventure.  He and his buddy Joe were on a road trip.  Driving from Seattle to LA, with a few stops along the way.  First stop,  Papa and Grama Ruthie's house.

 After a couple of meals and a sleep over, the boys were on their way.  It took them several days to get to central California, but they were good about checking in.  Just because they are as tall as adults, they are still my boys!

About a week into their trip, I received a picture text from Cameron.  He found a book in a restaurant parking lot, and thought I might like it.

Yesterday, it arrived in the mail!  A 1970 edition of Better Homes and Gardens Sewing Book.  A wonderfully illustrated book with lots of practical advise about sewing.   Some of you learned to sew from this manual.  It is in a 3 ring binder, which is such a good idea!  Why don't they do that anymore?  The section on Sewing for the Home, has window treatments, how to make a slip cover for your sofa, a bed skirt-even a  canopy.  Not one mention of a quilt, table runner, wall hanging, all of the things we are sewing today.  That reminds me that 1976 was the rebirth of quilting.  I feel so lucky to be sewing during a time, when we are doing it because we love it.  Not because we have to.
And, that sweet boy of mine, he knows what his Mama likes! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Please join us, for our 2nd Annual Pantie Raid!

During November, if you bring in packages of new, Women's, Boys or Girls underwear or socks, we will give you a free precut fat quarter.

Last year we were able to donate over 100 packages to a transitional home for abused women and children, please help us beat those numbers!  Undies are always needed, and often not donated.

Several other quilt shops around the country will be doing the same drive, for their local charity.  Let's show them how awesome the NW Quilters are!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I am home from Quilt Market, and back in the shop.  It always takes me days to digest what I saw, and what I bought.  I had a wonderful time.  Saw lots of friends, talked 'shop', found new pattern companies and ordered new fabric.  These things will be coming in over the next few months, and I will keep you informed when they arrive.

One of the most anticipated fabric lines is from Pam Kitty Morning,  it was fun to see Pam.  She was working in the Lake House Booth.  Her PKM fabric should be here anytime!  I can't wait.

Eleanor Burnes was dressed as an astronaut for Halloween.  That woman loves a costume!

I caught Alma Allen alone in the BlackBird booth.  What a sweet and generous woman she is.  Not  to mention talented.  I am in love with the Blue Berry Crumb Cake Fabric line, coming soon.  Their new book Weekend, should be shipping this week!  The projects are beautiful.

This was perhaps, the most photographed celebrity on the show floor.  He just made you smile!  There is no  one quite like the Cat in The Hat!  Did you realize that The Cat In The Hat was written in 1957?  It is just as enchanting today as it was then. 

Now, it is time to tackle the piles of papers, unopened mail, samples that need to be made.  In other words I need to get BUSY!  I hope you have enjoyed a little of the show.  J

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Yesterday was a long day of classes, lectures and shopping. 8am until 10pm.  I do this just for you, my favorite customers!

Today, I have walked the market floor (all 500 plus vendors!)

Yesterday I went to a couple of fun designer lectures.

One was with Minick and Simpson.  They had several quilts from their new book Victory Girls.

Sue Daley is a designer from Australia.  She is passionate about English Hand Piecing.  Her work is amazing.  This is her version of a Double Wedding Ring table runner.

This is the most amazing Grandmother's Flower Garden!

 To Give you a little perspective, I took this picture of my hand near the center of the quilt.

 I think the seam allowance in the center hexagons is bigger than the pieces, themselves.

 This closeup is one of the hexagons in the main body of the quilt.  The 'larger' ones if you will.

Sue has a new book coming out, Patchwork for Busy Fingers.  If you love Hexies, this is perfect for you.

During one presentation by Andover Fabrics, I was sitting near Lizzy House.  She is just as cute as her name.  I have followed her career for a couple of years.  Such a talented young lady.

This is her Color Wheel quilt.  Pretty fabulous.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!  J

Thursday, October 27, 2011


It's hard to believe, but it's Quilt Market time!  I spent the day in Houston, renewing friendships and planning for the next few days ahead.

Spending time with friends, is one of the best parts market.  Laura Flynn from  is always a fun date at market.  After catching up on family, we spent hours talking about our hopes and dreams for our shops.

We ran into many friends on the street and in the hotel lobby.  It is wonderful to feel so connected to so many wonderful women.  Tomorrow is a full day of classes, ending with every one's favorite, Sample Spree.  So, stay tuned!!
I love this look down the road that leads to the convention center!  Just had to share.  J

Friday, October 21, 2011

Hoodies Collection

It is so wet and dreary outside, I thought you would like to take a look at Hoodie's latest arrival in the shop.  Wonderful stylised fruit fabric.  I am in love! 

There is a cute place mat pattern on the Timeless Treasures website

They would make great gifts this holiday season. 

Personally, I think I need to make Pineapple pillowcases for the Newlyweds, when they return from their honeymoon on Saturday!  J

Monday, October 17, 2011

Let Me Present, Mr and Mrs Christopher Stewart

Wow, I can't believe it has been 3 weeks since I blogged with you. I have been busy. My son and his fiance were married last week. They live in Idaho, and the wedding was in Seattle. So, I was able to help a little more than most Mothers of the Groom. Lucky Me!

I must admit they are super cute, and I am in love with them both!

Today, I am back in the Comannd Center.  Thinking about Quilt Market next week, new designers, and fresh ideas.  I was surfing around and found Malka Dubrowsky's blog.  She is a new author and a new fabric designer.  I will be seeing her things at market.  Take a look at her work.  She is super creative.

Also, for those of you who have been waiting Ruby, by Thimble Blossoms arrived today.  To Die For.  Just sayin'  J

Monday, September 26, 2011


 I found a couple more photos from my antique shopping last week, that I just had to share.  Just look at those faces!  Hand made with love, friends till the end!  Looking at them now, I can't believe I left them there!  All 3 smiling, saying 'pick me' but don't leave my BFF behind!

 This is something else I did not buy.  A partially finished table cloth. Still in the hoop, the needle rusted in place.  You have to wonder what happened.  She had already done so much work.  A story should come with unfinished projects!  I should attach notes to the UFO's I have.  There is a reason, a story, really!

If you live in the North West, you know that fall has arrived.  It's raining.  It's been windy.  There have been power outages.  The farmer's markets are about to come to an end.  I have not been looking forward to the change of seasons.  Summer came so late this year.  I enjoyed every minute of the sunshine.  Today, I am wearing shoes.  I refuse to wear socks.  But, it was just to wet to wear sandals.  We may get a few nice days again.  But, today, it is fall.

So, what makes me happy about fall?  FLANNEL!  Yep, and do we have the most beautiful flannel EVER!  When I was at Spring Quilt Market, it was between 80 and 90 degrees out.  All of the major fabric companies had big flannel collections.  I wasn't thinking about fall, no, I was thinking about Iced Tea and Flip Flops.   But, I went along with the game.  I bought flannel.  I knew it was beautiful.  There were darling things made out of it.  But, I was hoping that Spring, with Summer close behind were coming.

 Today, I was straightening flannel, and loving every minute of it.  It is outstanding!  Just look at these designs.

 Quilt backs, little girls jumpers, quilts. Super cozy flannel.

 Pj pants, boxer shorts.

 High quality, beautifully printed.

 Flannel.  Yes, I said it.  It is time to start the Fall/Winter sewing.  We have beautiful flannel for those projects you will want to have finished near the end of December.  Can't make me say that word!  Not in September!

This is the perfect fabric for petting, by the way!  J