Tuesday, July 28, 2009


There are 12 campers here at Bridge Creek Cottage. We have been stitching all day long! There was time out for 2 gourmet meals and massages for all.

We have made a table topper/Christmas Tree Skirt. 3 small bags with zippers, a draw string bag with a side zipper, a little gift bag, and a can cozy. The Draw String bag with the side zipper is shown as a tutorial on atkinsondesign.com.http://atkinsondesign.com. Just check on Terry's blog for Sock Sack. It was designed to take along your sock knitting project. But it would be darling for lots of other uses.

I am trying to get the help with pictures that I need, and on Thursday we are going to be talking about blogs, facebook and web pages. I am going to persist!!

Keep cool and hydrate!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I am so excited. I leave on Monday for Quilt Camp. Last year was so much fun, sewing, sharing, shopping, and wonderful food. Just the way camp should be. I believe many of the same campers will be coming again this year. We will have the same leader-Terri Atkinson, of Atkinson Designs fame. And, her trusted assistant Roseanne, from Rosebud's Cottage.

"Camp" is located in Augusta, Wisconsin. The home of Bush's Baked Beans. The Minnesota State Shop Hop starts the day after camp lets out. I am hoping to visit several shops on my travels to Lake Superior.

With a new lap top, and my digital camera, I have a goal to figure out the picture part of the blog thing. So, I plan to post from camp! Check in to see the terrific things we are working on!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Western Washington Quilt Shop Hop

We survived! The Shop Hop comes each year, and goes in a blur. The days run together, I forget who I have told what, we see old friends, eat M&M's and do a lot of laughing. And, then there is the counting. We count passports-we gave out around 500. We count block kits-we gave out 2,495. We count completed passports-155 were turned in. Pretty amazing in 5 "short"days.

On Tuesday, the day before the Shop Hop started, I heard a scraping noise outside the shop. I went outside and found Ray, the Country Village Maintenance Man, preparing the eves for painting. Yes, they needed it, but really not the day before the shop hop. He said he would hurry, and it would look nice for the event. A while later I went outside, and he was painting the fence. He made a huge mess with the paint chips, so he said he would pressure wash the bricks. Really? So, when I arrived at the shop at 6:45 Wednesday morning, his helper was coming down the parking lot with the pressure washer. "Oh, yeah, I will have it done in no time" Really? Joyce, Noel and I were busy getting the last minute inside stuff done, really wanting to start moving the sale stuff out, set up the stamping station, try out our new canopy. We looked out the front window and it was covered with "muck". Really? He finished at about 5 after 8, we had to be open at 9. It took 6 of us to figure out the canopy, but it sure worked great!

It was smooth sailing after the initial rocky start. We had a great time, and celebrated with our annual Keepsake Kuties Wrap-up dinner. Thanks girls, I could not imagine doing this without you! J