Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer Time, And The Livin' Is Easy

Well, it's finally happened.  Summer has arrived in the Pacific NW.  It took longer than usual this year.  The tomato's aren't ripe.  We've continued to wear sweat shirts, while the rest of the country couldn't figure out how to cool down.

When this happens, our quilting changes, also.  It is no longer binding season.  We pull our hair up and cook outside.  Both my sewing room, and my laundry room are on the 2nd floor of my house.  If I do laundry, it has to be very early.  Otherwise, my house is like a sauna.  The same is true for hanging out in my sewing room.

I am very lucky.  I have dozens of unfinished projects.  There is always hand work to be done.  Just not binding.  If you aren't as lucky as I am, and need an idea of what to work on for the next few days, I have a few suggestions.

Have you always wanted to make a Grandmother's Flower Garden?  Now is a great time to start one!

How about a Dresden Plate?  Maybe you have some treasured blocks waiting to be finished.

This wonderful new pattern from The Vintage Spool, would put you in the mood for a French vacation next summer.

You could jump start your Halloween sewing!  This has to be the cutest book on the market.  You could just make one block.  But just which Critter would you choose?

You could do a little Red Work, and when the weather cools down, you could put it into a darling little quilt.

This delightful book, by Lynette Anderson, has applique and embroidery.  Little projects, big projects.  If you, or someone you love, is an animal lover, there are some pretty wonderful projects between the covers of this book.

So, basically, I just want to let you know that even though it is warm outside, you can still sew!!  And, I hope you will.  It will make you happy, I just know it.  J

Monday, August 8, 2011


During the last few weeks, 2 of the women who work in the shop have been bringing in Show and Tell.  They are older projects, that they have dusted off and decided to finish.  I believe Lisa started the whole thing.  Then Kay Hobby  joined in the fun. 

This weekend, I decided I wanted to play, too.  So, I dug out 2 very happy projects.  And finished them up!!  A proud moment, I must admit.

The first quilt is made from the happiest fabric on earth.  Flower Sugar, from Lecien.  I have loved this fabric since the moment I layed eyes on it.  It's like candy.  I have wanted to sew with it, but I didn't really want to cut it all up.  At least not on the first project.  So, this little pattern (Red Rose, by Villa Rose Designs) was the perfect answer.  Big chunky pieces.  Yippee!  I am in love, love, love with it.

 Then there was Bliss.  Just saying the word Bliss makes me a happy girl.  And sewing with the Bliss fabric made me even happier. I mean, really, Turquoise and Red.  How could anyone every have a bad day, if they surrounded themselves with those colors.

 I cut this quilt with my Accuquilt Studio.  Making these blocks, Easy Peasey.

Just look at those points!!

Now, I can get busy with fall samples for the shop.  But, this weekend was all about me!  J

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Where is Hello Kitty?

During Quilt Market in May, I was drawn into the 7 Islands Fabric booth, because of a bag made of Hello Kitty Fabric.  I Heart Hello Kitty!  I have several pieces of HK fabric, but it is not the best quality.  The thought of Hello Kitty in my very own store made me swoon!

Yesterday, a box arrived from 7 Islands.  My hands began to sweat.  As Noel and I looked through the box, each bolt was cuter than the next.

 Little Red Ridding Hood is adorable.  The birds, apple trees, even the Big Bad Wolf.

 The Pink Poodles!  Who doesn't love a Pink Poodle?

This darling puppy print.  Probably meant for Valentines Day.

There were several others, all equally cute.  They are from a collection called Old American.

We dug to the bottom of the box, and Hello Kitty was nowhere in sight.
This was just a teaser.
I know Hello Kitty will come to my store one day, I just know it!!