Wednesday, June 4, 2014


This summer we are participation in a fun 'new to us' Shop Hop.  The Row By Row Experience.  
This is a Nation Wide Shop Hop!  

You can find all the information here:

The last time I looked, there are over 1250 Quilt Shops participating!
I am not aware of any other industry coming together
to do something like this.  AMAZING!

Each shop will design a row for a quilt, based on a season.
The patterns will be free from July 1-Sept 2.

What a great Summer Time memory.  Really, no matter where you go,
there should be a Quilt Shop in the area that is participating!

This is our Scrap Happy Pumpkin row.
We will have kits for sale during the event.

A fun 'add on' for this event is the fabric license plates.
Each shop had the opportunity to choose their own 'vanity saying', 
and then have it printed just like their states own plates!
I ordered a large version, and it is hanging outside the shop!
I love it.

There are also coordinating fabrics.
I have already started trading plates with shop owners from around the country.
You should plan on doing the same thing with your quilting buddies!

xo j

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Happy Alphabet Quilt

In February, March and April, I was home with my husband,
who was recuperating from a Cardiac Arrest.
Or as we like to call it, The Event.

I didn't have much time to sew, but I thought I could
eek out a little time if he was napping.
I did not want to work on anything I had already started.
And it had to be HAPPY!

So, I pulled out my collection of 
the Happiest Fabric on Earth.

And a cute little booklet, from Moda
Spell it with Fabric.

I made a bright pink J.  Cherries and Bright pink always make
a girl happy!

You have to make a few filler blocks.
Sew much fun!
Seriously, Strawberries, cherries and Forget-me-nots
all in the same block.  The happy meter was climbing!

A Scrappy Dutchman's puzzle.

A sweet sailboat.
We had a sailboat, when we were first married.
Bless Bill's heart.  He loved that boat.
Each and every other Stewart gets seasick.
We tried, we really did!

All together.
Oh, my!  I am so in love with this precious quilt!
I gave it to Pam, yesterday.
She will do something very Happy with it!!

And, yesterday afternoon, I ordered every stinkn" cute fabric
in PamKitty's next collection!
Look for it at the end of 2014.  xo j

Saturday, May 10, 2014

This and That

 I finished the binding on this scrappy Christmas quilt, last night.
I know it is out of season, but sometimes, a girl just likes to finish something! (Anything!!)

The quilt if from the Atkinson book, 
9 Patch Reunion.
It is an older book, but always a favorite.
We have a few copies in the shop.  I see that it is not listed on her web site any longer.

This is the border fabric, and the inspiration for the 9 patches. I made this top 
several years ago, and I am happy to say, I still really like it!

And this was just a fun sewing room find.  I made this MANY years ago.
There are holes punched in the little doll, so I am sure there was a very dull
plastic needle involved.  I really love this little Dennis the Menace!

Tomorrow is Mother's Day.  I hope you all enjoy the day. 
Celebrating with the ones who love you the most!

xo j

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Last week, I found this quilt in the linen closet.
It is really pretty ugly.  I have no memory of buying it.
Maybe someone gave it to me.
I just don't know how I came to own it.

It appears to be made by at least 2 makers.
Someone made these darling butterfly blocks.  
Her applique and embroidery are beautiful.
Her fabric choices were delightful.

The second maker, not so much.
The fabrics seem to be a little of everything.  
I have no way to describe it.
And the orange yarn.

I like to believe I purchased it, to take it apart 
and reuse the butterflies.

Who knows.

But, I needed a quilt for my car. So, I decided to
say a little prayer, toss it in the washer with a Color Catcher Sheet, and hope for the best.

Well, it held together, and it is nice and soft.

Crumples up nicely.

And now is living in the back of my car.
My son's fiance used it last week, after a brisk Ferry Ride.

I am glad I found it!  Again!

xo j

Friday, April 25, 2014


Spring is here!
As I watch things start to bloom outside,
it seems my mind is blooming with ideas, inside!

After 2 wonderful days of Featherweight Workshops,
it seemed a great time to start a little Featherweight Club.
So often, we buy these little machines thinking we will take 
them to class, retreats or on vacation.  Then we tuck them away, 
saving them 'for good'.
Well, I think they work better when we use them!

So, starting in May, we are going to have a Featherweight Club.

Go to click on the class page,
and become a Charter Member!

nice to be a blogger again!
xo Julie xo

Thursday, October 3, 2013


One of the best things about going to Quilt Market is
meeting with pattern and fabric designers.
And seeing what they have in store for all of the quilting community!
In May, I chatted with Laurie and Polly from,
(They were the designers of Indigo Crossing, the fabric in my Quilt Sampler Quilt.)
They are delightful women, who have a wonderful eye for traditional quilts.
I arraigned to have them send me a trunk show from their newest collection of
fabric.  Midwinter Reds.  The fabric arrived about 10 days ago.
And the quilts arrived this week.
Breathtaking is the only way to describe them.
 Beautiful fabric, simplicity, wonderfully executed.


We will have the quilts in the shop until the end of October.
Please come by to see them. 
They are all fat quarter friendly,  and very doable!
xo j

Monday, September 16, 2013


For those of you who follow the shop on Facebook,
you know that I just spent a week in Vegas.

Fabric Fest was hosted by Riley Blake.
They make wonderful, fun fabric!  And decided to 
host this truly amazing event.
4 fun filled days of classes, inspirational speakers,
shopping, and yummy meals!!

If they offer this event again, GO!!

More on my classes and all of the inspiration, later.

When I returned to the shop, we had some amazing new fabric on the shelves.

One day, we received over 100 bolts!
(there was some serious fabric magic going on that day, thanks girls!)

Tula Pink's newest group, Acacia.

I am in love with these little raccoons!

Another fun collection that arrived was Bungalow,
by Joel Dewberry.

I always like a fabric with a bird on it.  There are some nice
florals and geometrics in this group.

And then, there were the Romantic florals.
I have a hard time saying 'no' to Verna Mosqurea's designs.
So, we have all of Billet-Doux (Love Letters)

I feel like I had to come home to Hit The Jackpot!

I love my job.  Buying fabric for you, my favorite customers!

xo, j