Tuesday, January 26, 2016


The start of 2016 has been busy, busy,  for me.

I have worked in the Shop, a lot.
I have spent a lot of time with new employees. (Yay!)
I seem to spend a lot of time on Face Time, with my grand baby, (Hip Hip Hoorah!!)
Physical Therapy twice a week, takes a lot of time, and a lot of recovery.

It is hard to believe we are nearly 1 month into the new year!

I am still not sewing.
I had a big fall in September.

But, I love to look at quilts, and search for new projects and ideas online.

Today, I was looking at a little quilt I bought in July.

There is a great 'Tail Gate Sale' in Country Village each year.  I love to dig 
around, and find a vintage treasure or 2.

This child's quilt is so sweet.  Lots of love in those patches.
It is stained, and some of the fabrics are frayed.  I like to think it was well loved.

Most of the fabrics on the front look like late 1800's era cloth.
But the back looks a bit more like the '20's or '30's.  

It is tied with yellow yarn.

The inside batting is very lumpy.

I always try to imagine the life of the Quilt.  Where it started, what it did along the way, 
and how it ended up at a parking lot sale, on a beautiful summer's day.

I've missed you.  I will be back soon!

xo j

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


I've seen other people's blogs,
Facebook and Instagram posts.
I know that I am far behind the rest of you.

I made a few Christmas samples for the shop.

This is a tried and true table runner from Atkinson's Designs.
Terry's instructions are the absolute best in the business.  

I love the Vintage Postcards from Olde American Antiques.
They are beautifully printed on quality fabric.
You can put a wall hanging together in a couple of hours.

This was a quilt top I made several years ago.  I love sock monkeys, 
and just had to make a baby quilt for 'someday'. 
It has been quilted for a couple of years, but I added the binding 
and mailed it off to the Love of our lives!!

Sweet Baby Aiyana.
This is who I think about, and sew for.
Our 1st grandchild.
She is the perfect model.

xo J

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Some of you know that my husband (boyfriend) had
a Cardiac Arrest last February.

It was a terrifying time for our family.
He is much better, hard wired with a Pacemaker/Defibrillator. 

This was taken in August, while on a trip to Mt. Hood.

During his long recovery,
I wanted a fun, easy project to work on.
Something, that I could do if he was napping.

My choice was the Spell It With Fabric booklet,
by Moda.

Using as many Pam Kitty Morning fabrics as possible!


Always a rule follower, I started with the letter A.

I believe the B was taking far too much time to think about,
so I must have skipped it for a while.

Looks like I got back on track!

You needed to make a few filler blocks.  
My boyfriend loves to sail, so this one was for him.

Finished, quilted and bound.
I love this quilt, and it helped heal my heart.

We have these little booklets in the shop,
and I will hang the quilt next week, when I am home from Quilt Market.

I will be there, visiting with Miss Pam Kitty, 
and buying all of her newest fabric.  Having a happy heart is very important!
Check back, I will be blogging and on instagram, while I am in Houston.
Pam Kitty Morning

Monday, October 20, 2014


Having a new grand baby has me looking a fabric differently.

She is 6 weeks old, and right now they dress her in a diaper and a blanket.
Unless they are taking her out of the house.

The Beautiful Aiyana.

Yesterday, I made 2 little receiving blankets.
A Christmas flannel one.
Just 2 pieces of flannel, I use 1 1/4 yards each.  So they are square.
Sewn, right sides together, with a little space left open to turn.
I rounded the corners, using a plate as a template.
Then, I top stitched two rows of stitching 1/4" apart.

Easy Peasy.

For this one, I used the tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Company.
I have used this many times, and love the results.

For this little receiving blanket I used cotton on one side and flannel on the other.
This is a pretty wrinkly picture, but you get the idea.

This is the sweetest fabric, EVER!  It is from Lecien's Old New collection.
What precious baby wouldn't love 'Little Honey Baby Story' on their blanket?

Or the wolf saying 'little girl'

And Cherries, and Strawberries on pink gingham.  
Simply my favorite fabric of the day!

Today, a customer brought in this precious, tiny treadle sewing machine to be serviced.
It stands 24" tall, the wooden table is 18" x 10".
My heart skipped a beat!

It was made by Ideal.
I wonder if my sweet Aiyana, would like to sew on one like this?

xo j

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Today has been one of those days,
when I feel lucky to be a quilt shop owner!

I had a great meeting with my Westminster/Freespirit sales gal.
Jane started,  just about the same time I did.  
We have been through a lot of changes in 25 years.
It is always fun to see what she has in her sample bag.
New things for Spring!  Tula Pink, Heather Bailey and new to their
company April Cornell!

After I was finished visiting with her, 
I met with a woman that I have been trying to 
see, for months.

She owns Olympic Wool Works.
And if you like to work with wool, you are
going to love her hand dyed wool.
Beautiful, rich colors.

A beautiful range of colors, dyed on high quality wool.





She also has some very nice patterns.  
I really love the embroidery on this.  The grass really comes alive!

These will be in the shop within the next couple of days.

You will find me, pulling thread through wool...xo j

Monday, October 6, 2014


A a mother of 3 boys, sports have been a part of my life, for 35 years.

My oldest was about 4, when he went to his first Sonic's game.
There were many Mariner games, in the King Dome, and Safeco Field.

I made M.C. Hammer pants for my middle guy, when he was in the first grade, out of
Seahawk fabric.  Old School Seahawk's colors.

I have been lucky enough to get my hands on current Seahawk fabric, so you 
can do a little sewing for your the 12th Man in your family!

Skittles should always be a part of your sewing!  

You may know that I have a sweet new granddaughter.  She is 4 weeks old, and I made this 
little fleece and flannel blanket, for her to snuggle in during the games!
(yes, I have fleece!)

So, now I need to settle down, drink my coffee, and be ready to leave here before 5.

Because it is Monday Night Football!!

GO HAWKS! xo j

Monday, August 18, 2014

Vintage Yo Yo Quilt

Yesterday was a beautiful day.
A perfect day to air out a vintage quilt.

I don't have a clothes line, and the grass was a bit damp.
So, I thought I would drape this beauty over a few chairs.

It was fun to gaze outside, and see the timeless colors.
These, hand sewn yo-yo's, are about the size of a quarter.  It appears to me, 
they were stitched together as little 4 patches, of color.  Probably in the 1930's
I bought this several years ago, from a friend, who is an antique dealer.
She has found some great things for me over the years! (Thank's Sam!)

I was once told that lying a musty quilt in the grass, 
will help to take the smell away.  (Something to do with Chlorophyll) 

I have been a little afraid to wash this quilt.  
Without a backing, and only a few stitches holding each yo-yo 
in place, it's a risk I am not willing to take.

I love the center.

And the edge, makes my heart sing.

Well, this girl stole the show!  

'thanks, mom, for putting out this great quilt for my Sunday nap' said Ruby.

xo j