Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Ten Days ago I attended the Quilter' Anonymous Quilt Show in Monroe.  They moved to a brand new building on the fairgrounds.  It is a beautiful venue.

I have had a vendor's booth at the show for 25 years.  This was the first time I didn't. I was finally able to really enjoy the show!

The Guild has an amazing amount of talent.  I thought I would share a few photo's.

WARNING:  I am not a photographer.  Sometimes it is hard to get far enough away from a quilt to get it all in the picture.

This wonderful fall quilt is by Pam Pifer.  Really a stunning quilt!

There was a lot of embroidery at the show.  This is a Crabapple Hill pattern.
Snowmen from A to Zzzz.

This is Sara Newman's Machine Embroidered snowmen. 

This was a cute 3 dimensional Christmas tree wall hanging.

Love this Civil War era quilt.

This Hexagon quilt was made by Tess Herlan.  She was the founder of the Paper Pieces Company.
For many years, she would sit and demo in her booth.  It is really an amazing collection of hexies.

A close up of a few blocks.

Buggy Barn Cats.

I loved these Vintage Australian Feed Sacks.

This was the sweetest little applique quilt!

Two sizes of Drunkard's Path blocks.  All polka dots.  Wonderful.

This made my heart sing.  Virgina Anderson's Selvage Quilt.

Take a closer look.

A beautiful example of Foundation Paper Piecing.

Then, my battery died! 

It was a great show.  I spent the day with two great friends.  Perfection!  J

Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 3

It's day 3 of the Tri County Quilt Tour. 

There has been a lot of laughter in the shop.

Car loads of ladies, out having fun.  Shopping, planning, lunching.

It's not to late to jump on the bandwagon!!

The weather has really cooperated.  No rain, no snow and a little blue sky.

Noel, Joyce and I will be holding down the fort today and tomorrow.

Stop by and say "Hi".  J

Friday, March 16, 2012


Our quilt is hanging in the shop!

This picture is a little wonky, but the weather was so awful this week, I couldn't get a photo outside.

I am in love with it!  Love the colors, fabics, simple setting.  Love, love, love.

It was quilted by Pam.  She always does a great job for me!

I hope you are planning your Tri County Trip!!

Today I saw a picture of The Quilt Shop's quilt.

Carol, from Fabric's-Etc., likes to give you a day by day, sneek peak of her quilt.  She is up to block 3.

Carrol, from Aunt Mary's Quilt Shop, has a photo of her's on her blog.

The rest remain a mystery!  If you are out Touring, please take pictures!  We would love to see them.  J

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Today was the last day of Jury Duty.  It was a long, but interesting process.  I served with 13 smart, responsible citizens.  I am very proud of our work!


I was wise to finish my Tri County Quilt before Jury Duty began, because the quilts all have to be hanging in the shops tomorrow! 

This year our theme is Sew Northwest.  All of the blocks are traditional pieced blocks.  They were all fun to make, and I can't wait to see how the other shops finished their quilts!

Our block is a basket block.

Everyone in the shop loves a basket block.  And using Fig Tree's Strawberry Fields fabric collection made me happy!  Fresh and springy!

The new twist for this years tour, is we will be giving out a charm with a minimum $10 purchase.  These will be first come 1st served.

Our charm is, what else, a basket block! 

I hope to see many of you during the tour!! J

Friday, March 2, 2012


I have been busy this week.  A new job, of sorts.  I was called to Jury Duty, in King County Superior Court.
They do a great job of training you.  Give you a name badge.  Breaks.  A pay check (although it is the same as it was in the Eisenhower era).  Give you the opportunity to donate to a worthy cause.

If you haven't been in the King County Court House, it is really beautiful.  This is the lobby. 

I made a new friend on the first day.  Her name is Inger, and she is a quilter!!  She is also a foodie, a mom to 3, married for 25years.  My kind of gal.  Inger would like to piece a quilt for her round table using this design.  That is believing in the future!! 

Inger was released yesterday.  I will be staying on for at least another week. The next time you get a Jury Summons in the mail, just think you might meet a new quilting buddie, and find inspiration for a new project! J