Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tri County Quilt Tour

It's day 4 of the Tri County Quilt Tour. Between last weeks quilt show and the tour I feel like I have seen nearly every quilter within a hundred mile range! It has been quite the "quilt extravaganda" 2 weeks. The problem is I miss my sewing room! I keep watching and helping people put together new projects, and I want to do the same thing! So, at 8:30 this morning I pulled fabric for a cowboy quilt, to go on the bed in the cowboy guest bedroom. Just cutting the fabric helped ease my withdrawl symptoms. Every new stack of fabric is a belief that I will sew again!

I have a new granddog, and maybe he needs a little blankey. My son Quinton picked him out at the shelter last Sunday. He had surgery Monday morning, including a microchip. Q picked him up early Monday afternoon, I stopped by about 45 minutes later. He was still pretty drugged, but friendly and adorable. A yellow lab, pit bull mix. Q took him for a walk about 15 minutes later, and J-Rock bolted. Took off running with his leash dragging behind. Q tried to find him, but he was gone. You can only imagine how he felt. On Wednesday afternoon he recieved a call from the animal shelter in Kent, which is at least 15 miles from where he lives. Someone found him, still with the leash on, tied him to a fence post and called animal control. As my son Cameron said "it was just like Homeward Bound". Yes, I think J-Rock deserves a quilt!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Show Time

It's here, the much anticipated Quilter's Anonymous Quilts Show. It's always a full filled weekend. We have 3 suv's packed full ( much like the Beverly Hillbillies) of furniture, quilts, fabric, books and notions to create our "mini"shop. It's fun for us when it's all set up, and Friday morning arrives. The hard work is over, and we start seeing old friends, and making new ones. The guild works hard to put on the best show ever, and we are never disapointed.

The show runs from Friday thru Sunday. Y'all come out now, Y'here!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


March is a busy month for me. This year there are 2 big events. The QA quilt show in Monroe the second weekend of the month, and the 2nd annual Tri-County Quilt Tour the following week.

We are busy sewing, cutting and kitting new exciting projects for all of you! I have sewn on 2 bindings, Noel has finished 2 charm projects, Joyce brought in a charm project that I didn't know she was making, Liz finished a quilt top from the Glory line and Lisa's Lakehouse quilt is kitted.

I hope that my quilter will be calling me any minute so I can finish the binding on my Sky's the limit quilt. It is really cute. Red, white and rick-rack says it all!

Last night I heard that there are 350 quilts in the QA show this year. That does not include special exhibits. It is always a wonderful show. I hope you will try to attend, please stop by the booth and say "Hi". Julie