Friday, April 27, 2012


We are so lucky to be in a quilt shop everyday!  We are inspired by so many things.  Customers projects, fabric collections, patterns, books and magazines.  Once in a while one of us is lucky enough to make a quilt just because, just for fun, just for themselves.

Today was Joyce's show and tell of one of those 'just because' quilts. A customer shared a simple butterfly applique pattern with her.  She had a Rose Parade Layer Cake.  She was loving the 'new' gray fabrics in the shop.  Trumpets, please.

This is just so fresh and unexpected, with the gray background fabric.  So Beautiful!

 She used the same green for the bodies on all the butterflies.  It really ties it all together.

 Free hand Feathers by Pam.  Even better after washing!

 The perfect stripe binding!

Looks a little Cath Kidtson.  Don't you think?

Joyce is an amazing quilter.  Her applique is flawless, and her color choices are the best, ever.

I feel so lucky to have her on my staff, and to call her my friend!  J

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dear Stella Designs

I fist fell in love with Dear Stella Designs last summer.  I was fortunate to spend a couple of hours with the women behind this new fabric company.  Young, fresh, exciting are all words that describe the fabric and the company.

By Fall Quilt Market there was a lot of buzz about Dear Stella.  A good friend, Laura and I went to a Launch party where they were serving Stellatini's.  A grand time was had by all!

My favorite collection was Anchor's Away.  A fresh Nautical group.  Traditional with a twist.  Navy, Lt. Blue, and .ORANGE!! I am still in the midst of my Orange Crush, so it was perfect for me!  There was a lot of talk in the shop about how to use this fabric.  The obvious was a traditional sailboat pattern.  Like this one from It's Sew Emma.  I wanted to really see the fabric, so I looked for a big chunky pattern.  I decided on

I wanted it to be a baby, small lap size.  So I just made 9 blocks.  It is so stinkin' cute, I really love it.

 I love the swirl quilting, it reminds me of water.

The large Anchor print is fab!  Love, love it!  I can imagine a wrap around skirt from the 70's.

 Anything in front of a picket fence is darling! 

 There was a lot of discussion about the binding.  The stripe.  The stripe on the bias.  The Navy 'Stella Dot'.
Orange.  I know Orange.  As it turns out, it was perfect!

 There she is.  Hanging on a line.  Cute as can be.  Now, if only there was a nursery to decorate!! J

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


It has been pretty exciting around here for the last couple of days.  The shop is getting a new roof!

If you look carefully at the photo, you can see the feet of one of the roofers on the top right beam!

It has been pretty noisy and dusty.  But, we won't have to have buckets around the shop during the next big rain storm.

The cutest sewing fabric arrived in the shop last week.  OMG!  Take a look.

 I am pretty sure my Mom used this pattern for an Easter dress one year.  LOVE the 'cloak'.

I want to use this for a back of a quilt.  Way too cute to cut up. J

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

School Days

I am a big fan of everything American Jane.

I love her colors, and her fun designs.  This is my favorite Pezzy Print

Today her new line School Days, arrived.

It is just as fun as I remembered it from Quilt Market last fall.

I was looking around in Cyber Space, and found a video of Sandy Klop from market.  She is so sweet and enthusiastic about her projects.  I thought you might enjoy it.

I hope you are having a super day!  J

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all my Peeps! J

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I think it is fair to say that most quilters have a UFO or 2.  I have more than most, I am sure.  I won't can't shouldn't go there.  I have been working on some of them, which makes me feel good about myself!

A few weeks ago, my quilting 'groupies' ( You know who you are Jackie, Louise and Marge.) asked me if they could make a sampler.  So, I tossed out a few idea's.  And then the UFO Heaven's began to sing to me, (insert angel's singing). Many years ago, I started an Underground Railroad Quilt.  I knew exactly where the bin of fabric and finished blocks was.  In the bin was the book, I had it spiral bound, and 3 Quilt In A Day rulers.  I still loved the fabric.  It was a fabric/quilting miracle.

Yes, 7 of the 15 blocks are completed. Someone asked why I stopped.  Well, that would be the $64,000 question.  But, I do know that my girls and I are going to be making Underground Railroad Quilts.

I just might make the 6" blocks, too.

This is the book we will be using, if anyone else want to travel along!

Watch for more UFO sightings.  J