Monday, August 18, 2014

Vintage Yo Yo Quilt

Yesterday was a beautiful day.
A perfect day to air out a vintage quilt.

I don't have a clothes line, and the grass was a bit damp.
So, I thought I would drape this beauty over a few chairs.

It was fun to gaze outside, and see the timeless colors.
These, hand sewn yo-yo's, are about the size of a quarter.  It appears to me, 
they were stitched together as little 4 patches, of color.  Probably in the 1930's
I bought this several years ago, from a friend, who is an antique dealer.
She has found some great things for me over the years! (Thank's Sam!)

I was once told that lying a musty quilt in the grass, 
will help to take the smell away.  (Something to do with Chlorophyll) 

I have been a little afraid to wash this quilt.  
Without a backing, and only a few stitches holding each yo-yo 
in place, it's a risk I am not willing to take.

I love the center.

And the edge, makes my heart sing.

Well, this girl stole the show!  

'thanks, mom, for putting out this great quilt for my Sunday nap' said Ruby.

xo j