Thursday, September 30, 2010

When I was at Quilt Market in May, I talked with Polly Minick and Laurie Simpson about having a trunk show of their quilts. Yesterday the box arrived!! Yes, there are 3 beautiful quilts, made by these talented sisters, hanging in the shop. They are truly breath taking, my pictures don't do them justice. The 1st quilt is 3 Brothers Farm. We all loved this pattern when it first came out, made with Flag Day Farm fabric.

Now, they have remade it using their newest collection Claremont Farm. It is wonderful. Many of the blue fabrics in this collection are softer than usual, giving it a time worn look. I love that they used a floral grid for the flags.

This is a wonderful scrappy quilt named for their brother. Patrick's Patchwork. It looks complex, but the piecing is really very straight forward. It makes me want to go home and pull out all of the red, white and blue fabrics in my sewing room! Of course I would need to add a few more, the more fabrics the better!

This is Alma's Quilt. I thought it was sweet of them to name a quilt after one of the BlackBird Ladies, then I read the back of the pattern. Their maternal Grandmother was named Alma, also a very sweet thought. This is really a striking quilt, simple and sophisticated. This photo does not come close to showing you how beautiful it really is. The way they have sprinkled a few tan fabrics in the triangles makes it sparkle. And the large red triangles are yummy!
These quilts are beautifully quilted. You need to come in are stare at them for a while, you will be happy you did!
One more thing. Tomorrow is the first day of the 91 Mile Yard Sale, don't miss it! Great bargains all up and down I-5 in your LQS's! J

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Selvages have always been there. They are tightly woven, you need to cut them off before you start your projects. They give you information. It's not always the same, but usually the style number and the manufacturer of the fabric are printed there. More recently, a designers name has been added. A web site, perhaps. So, you can go and see what other goodies they print.

They have always had colored dots. These are the different colors of screens that were used in printing the fabric. Some people use those dots to find coordinating colors to go with the print.

We have noticed that the dots have changed. They don't have to be dots. Just a place for a spot of color. This Halloween fabric has spiders!

And, this fall fabric has acorns! I have been saving selvages for a while now. They are like a little time capsule of what has come through the shop doors. Some of my employees have given me their selvages.
I have seen few projects made with them. We saw a wonderful purse during the Shop Hop. A friend at quilt market had a little pouch around her neck for her name badge. Atkinson Designs show a coin purse made with them. Many years ago, Jinny Beyer made a house block using selvages with her name, like bricks.
I am not sure what I will make. Something wonderful, I am sure.

But, wait, look at this. A gift on my desk this morning from one of my employees. It was made of selvages, my heart skipped a beat....

Oh, MY!! A clip board. How stinkin' cute is this? I am a very lucky girl. Selvages, rick rack, ribbon and buttons! All on a clip board just for me!! Thank you, Kay! You are a sweet heart! J

Monday, September 20, 2010


I love having fabric in my shop from the best designers in the world. Some of them are recognised by just one name, you know like Cher. Tula Pink is one of those designers. Her fabrics are fun, amazing works of art. You know she has a twinkle in her eye as she is drawing them.

I only buy fabric that is designed and printed for independent fabric stores. Nothing that would be in a chain or discount house comes into my shop.

Today when I read Tula Pinks blog, about Walmart carrying a knock off of her fabric it made me sick. I want all my readers to know if you shop for fabric at Walmart that looks like Tula Pink's designs. It is not. And, it is not printed on the same quality fabric, as the fabric offered in independent stores.

Thanks for listening! Go read Tula's blog post. J

Friday, September 17, 2010


Wouldn't you love to driving down a country road, and come across a barn with quilts hanging on it? Or hanging on a clothes line airing out. They say in Amish Country, when you see quilts hanging on the line they are probably for sale. What a dream come true!

When I have been in Amish Country in Wisconsin, I always stop at the Gingerbread Dairy, and buy a little cheese. Not only is it wonderful, but it is fun to meet the family that owns the dairy. Knowing they milked the cows for the cheese is comforting in an old fashioned way. I found out this summer they are not Amish, but Mennonite. So, I have had to change my story a bit. There are farms that are worked with horse and plow, and they 'go to town' in horse and buggy. Romantic, somehow.

This weekend, when you are in the mood for a little fabric from a barn (that would be Keepsake Cottage), I thought you should know about the other fun activities that will be going on here.

From 11-2 we will have Pirates on the playground. It's a celebration of the Jolly Rodney, the pirate ship on the playground. Named for Rod Loveless. The owner, and creative mind behind Country Village. Now, in his 80's, you can still see him driving a forklift from time to time.

There will be Pirate Booty in many of the shops, and special lunch offerings at Papa's Place.

We hope the Patchwork Pirates will show up! They always come during Shop Hop, but maybe...

If that's not enough excitement for you, there will be Belly Dancing on the stage! Ottoman Trading Company has several fun events each year with music, henna tattoos, dancing demonstrations and food. It's always lively!

So, if you have to bring your kids or you husbands along for the ride, there will be something for everyone here tomorrow!

Hope to see you soon. J

Monday, September 13, 2010


It's no secret that I love Red, Pink and Turquoise. They are the colors of happiness. The Happy Zombie has adopted them as her own. You just can't be sad or mad if you surround yourself with these colors. That's why Bliss is the perfect name for Bonnie and Camille's newest fabric group. It arrived in the shop today, and everyone is smiling!

Bonnie and Camille are a mother-daughter design team. Bonnie has designed quilt patterns under the name Cotton Way for over 20 years.
Camille's company, Thimble Blossoms is just a couple of years old. She is a young mom, with lots of fresh ideas for young (and young at heart) quilters.
These fabrics are wonderful, and we have them in both flat and flannel! Come on in and capture a little Bliss for yourself!

Friday, September 3, 2010


Yesterday a beautiful collection of fabric arrived in the shop. It's Barbara Brackman's newest collection from Moda, Arnold's Attic. Along with the fabric, there was a flyer with information about Barbara's pen pal Arnold Savage. I thought you might find it interesting.

Barbara Brackman is a fabric/quilt historian. I have been a quilter for 25 years, and her name has always been quoted in the books and articles I have read about the history of quilts. She has designed fabric for Moda, based on her large collection of antique quilts and fabric.

Arnold Savage lives in Ohio, in a home that his family has lived in for several generations. His mother, aunts and grandmother were all quilters. In the 1930's Arnold was ill with rheumatic fever, and his mother taught him to quilt, while he was bedridden. He made over 1000 9 patches! He then moved to hexagons and on to applique.

Through the years, Arnold has been sending Barbara fabric swatches, often with a note that said 'I found this in the attic'. Using these vintage pieces, Barbara designed this line of fabric as a tribute to Arnold and his family. The fabrics are all named for family members and land marks in Arnold's home town, in Ohio.

If you would like to read about the history of the fabrics themselves, go to and scroll down to August 22, 2010.

We have a few Arnold's Attic kits available in the shop. J

Wednesday, September 1, 2010