Tuesday, May 28, 2013


It is hard to believe that I have been home from
Quilt Market for a week.

Maybe it was the head cold that came home with me.

Market was wonderful.
lots of great ideas, energy, fun, friends and 
taco salads.  Yes, we ate a taco salad for lunch, 4 days in a row.

One of the things I love most about market, is seeing so many creative people.
All in one big giant room.

Here is a little look at a few of them.

Amy Butler is in the center.  She was on a panel of Quilt Shop Owners
who have 'fashion sewing' in their shops.  Very informative.

This is Allison, from Cluck Cluck Sew
It was nice to chat with her.  I love her designs, and her patterns are
very well written!  A must in my opinion.  Did you know she lives in Poulsbo?

Always delightful, Anne from Bunny Hill.
We have yardage ordered for her new Block Of The Month!
And she gave me a sweet red and white striped horse.  Patterns are on the way!

It goes with out saying that these very talented sisters are on my Favorites list.
Laurie and Polly of Minick and Simpson designed the Indigo Junction fabric that I used
in my Quilt Shop Sampler Quilt.   Their next collection, Mid Winter Reds, has been ordered!
You still have a couple of weeks to see their trunk show in the shop!

This is Sandy Klop from American Jane.  This picture looks like she has a giant hat on!  So much for
my skills as a photographer!  He new collection reminds me of a group from years ago.
Peas and Carrots.  Classic American Jane!

 Tula Pink was constantly showing off her beautiful quilts.
Her newest collection is Acacia.  Raccoons make their way onto her fabric.
Very fun, as always!

One of my favorite moments at market, is when I track down, PamKittyMorning
Her new fabric from Lake House, was every bit as wonderful as I imagined!
PamKittyPicnic has been ordered, and I couldn't be happier!

Heather Bailey took a little embroidery design, and blew it up.  She spent
at least 2 days stitching this darling burlap wall!  Everyone was stopping by to chat.
What a fun idea!

Well, that is a little taste of the great talent.
As I look at other peoples photo's on line, I start to wonder,
did they go to the same Market I went to?
There were over 500 vendors, and it took us all three days to
get to each of the isles.  We found wonderful new things for the
shop.  I will share them as they arrive.  xo j

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Pam said...

Looks like sew much fun. Next year for SURE i am going.... can't wait to see you and catch up. Maybe coffee one day next week?