Friday, February 12, 2016


I love the term, Slow Stitching.

When I began quilting, in 1984, we were all, Slow Stitchers.
We cut with Scissors.
We pieced by machine, but not in strips.
We hand quilted, or tied our quilts.
And our bindings were done by hand.

We were quilters.  

Then there were rotary cutters.  
And rulers.
My first set of rulers were clear acrylic. 
I believe there were 6 in a set.
Each was 1/2" larger than the next.
If you wanted to cut a 6" strip, you would use the 2 1/2" and the 4" next to one another.
They did not have any markings.
The first ruler I purchased with any markings was a Nancy Crow ruler.
It wasn't very accurate.  But, it was a start.

Then there were patterns, for sewing strips, cutting them apart, and resewing.
And books!  Lots of books.  Template Free Sewing.

Then we were making quilts faster than we could quilt them.
Enter the Longarm quilting machines.
You would never have to quilt a quilt by hand again!
And finally, lets figure out how to stitch the binding down by machine.

Now, there is a New Movement.

I feel like I am back to my roots. 

Hand basted, dresden plate blocks, that I started in the 90's.

I have taken them out before, but they have been put aside.  
Usually, I needed to get something done in a hurry.
I really can't do that right now.  
So, I am enjoying the process.
Slow Stitching to my hearts content.
xo j

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