Thursday, September 14, 2017


I haven't blogged in a while.  

Life is busy, the shop is busy.  It's all great news.

My granddaughter turned 3 last week, and she loves a baby!
So I decided to make her a little storage bed. 
You might like to make one, too.

First I purchased a plastic tote. 

This plastic box was 9x16ish.  

I made a little mattress, using bleached muslin and 4 layers of cotton batting.
I measured the top of the tote, cut my fabric 1" larger, stitched it, I left a 4" open area to turn it
right sides out.  Then I cut the batting just slightly smaller, rolled it up, put it inside and then 
unrolled it.  I hand stitched the opening.  Then I put 4 ties, using 6 strands of embroidery floss.
Pink of course!

looking cozy!

Then I made a fitted sheet.  This was trial and error.  I did not round the corners.  If you know how, great.  I ironed the edges up, 1/4 " and then did it again, creating a clean edge.
I stitched close to the edge, about 3" around each corner, creating a casing.  I put a 3" piece of 1/4"
 elastic in each corner, securing it with a couple of rows of stitching on each end of the elastic.  This pulled the corners in.  Then I went bach and top stitched around the whole sheet, where I had ironed the edges up.  This fit nicely around the lid of the box.  Keeping it in place, but not too difficult to get off if you need to change the sheets!

I made a little top sheet, using a contrasting fabric, for the top edge.  It is the same size as the top of the box.

I made a skirt for the bottom of the storage box.  I measured the box, and doubled the measurement.  For the width.  I added 3 inches to the length, for the casing and the hem.  I used 3/4" elastic for the top of the skirt.  I made a 1" casing at the top, and added the elastic.  I put a 1/4" hem in the bottom.

I realized after I moved it around a few times, the skirt slid off.  So I added a Velcro circle to each side of the box,  and to the appropriate place on the skirt.  I used a glue gun.  Fun Times!

I made a simple little quilt.  She was having a Unicorn party, so this sparkly fabric seemed just right for her!  I love my serpentine stitch, for easy peasy
machine quilting!  I am a hand binder!  And I am proud of it.  
So, I put my stitches of love around the outside, using a cute stripe.

I included a tiny baby, that smells like Vanilla.  I love buying these sweet babies.
I get them at Toys That Teach, here in the Village.
Also, 2 magic bottles and a couple of little outfits. I forgot a pillow! 

I really had fun making this!  It would be great for American Girl Dolls.  Just get a bigger box!

It feels good to be back!
xo J

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Karen said...

Oh my gosh, your little doll bed for your granddaughter is so cute! What a clever idea to use the storage bin for keeping doll clothes, etc.