Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

I have always loved Valentine's Day.
 This early Valentine with the treadle sewing machine reminds me that I wasn't the first generation to enjoy this holiday!

I remember decorating a shoe box, to place on my desk.  Such anticipation about the cards that would be stuffed into that box! 

 The selection process for me was very important.  Each card had to really remind me of the recipient.  Not too mushy for some, and kind of suggestive for others!

 This one is kind of racy for it's time!  Don't you think!

 Oh, I wish I had that dress to wear to dinner tonight!  Let's not talk about Tarzan's outfit...

This was a box of valentines from the 60's that was listed on eBay.  What a find!  There is one on the top with a cigarette, amazing.  I am sure there is one in that box for a teacher. I loved filling out the teacher card.  Using my best penmanship.

Here's a little secret about me, I was married on Valentines Day, 29 years ago.

It was a great day for a wedding, but it is not always a great day for an anniversary.  You need to make your dinner reservation at least a month in advance.  Restaurants are Super Crowded, so lingering is not an option.  We spent this past weekend in LA visiting our middle son.  We had wonderful meals, sunshine and great company.  A great way to celebrate.  Tonight, our favorite local spot.  Where they know our names, and how we like our food. 

I hope you spend the day with the love(s) of your life!! J


Pam said...

Such a sweet post Julie...Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentines!!!!

Pam said...

How Sweet! And Happy Anniversary. Can't wait to see you & sew this weekend. Love xoxo

Lisa D. said...

Happy Anniversary, Julie & Bill!