Thursday, September 21, 2017


Over the past few years, 
as social media has become the way we communicate,
I've seen dozens of pictures of sweet babies and toddlers posed in the fabric, 
at Keepsake Cottage.

I wish I had taken pictures of my boys in the shop.
They were in the shop, a lot!

This was Madison, last week.  She is such a social little creature, I admire her spirit!
Children see things so differently.  Who would imagine that 2 bolts, lying on their side could
be a comfy place to rest?   Her mom's Facebook post said "I can't take here anywhere!"
Looks like an ad for Christmas fabric, if you ask me!

This is sweet Phoebe.  Her Mama just plopped her down in the color wall!  She looks like she
belongs there!  She has turned 1, is a walker, and has a little more hair.  I could
just nibble on her precious cheeks.  Her Grandmother was a quilter, maybe someday, I can 
help her take her first stitches.  

Ethan has spent a lot of time at Keepsake!  He likes the Cute Room the best.
At least he did when he was a little guy.  He started Kindergarten this year
and loves Wonder Woman, so his style may have changed
He is such a gentle little soul.  It has been a joy watching him grow.

This is Ethan more recently.  With his little brother Simon and Mama, Jera.
He is the best big brother!  They are standing in front of Jera's first fabric line, 
High Tea, by Lecien.  Soft vintage fabric.  Ethan is very proud! Simon
hasn't figured it all out yet.  

Jera's new book, arrived in the shop, today!

Way To Go, Jera!

Until next week, xo J

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Karen said...

Little Madison is laying near the Christmas fabric I purchased last month. Phoebe is adorable and sitting perfectly still, just like a little angel. Ethan sounds like he has a heart of gold and is very proud of Mama's new fabric line. It must be fun watching these children growing up, coming in and sharing there favorite spots in the store. Love these pictures...thanks so much for sharing!