Thursday, September 28, 2017


It's no secret that I am a traditional quilter.
I love old fashioned quilts.
I love Antique quilts.
I even love the old, well loved quilts that are folded up on my shelves!

This beauty, was made by Barb.  Such a classic look, especially for fall.
This was made with Andover's Little House On The Prairie fabric.

We are beginning to decorate for our Pumpkin Painting.  I wish all of the posts had quilts!

You can see the Little House on the Prairie logo, and the Cabin in the Woods!
I loved those books.  I remember looking forward to my 2nd grade teacher, reading then
each day after our lunch recess.  
And the Baptist Fan quilting is perfect.  
Thanks @keepingitsimplequilts @pamjcole

The little surprise,  covered wagons on the back, make me happy!

This little baby quilt was made for my 3rd son, by a group of quilting friends.
It's worn and tattered, and the fabrics are funky, but I love it.

I made this Steak Of Lightning quilt, for my 2nd son,
when he was going into a big boy bed.  
It is soft and stained. Oh, so loved.

I started the embroidery in the center of the blocks, when I was in High School!
My aunt was having a baby, and I wanted to make something.  My mom and I took the 
bus, to downtown Seattle.  There was a large Woolworth store, with lots
of crafts in the downstairs.  These were stamped cross stitch blocks.
I didn't finish them, in time for that baby.
When I was expecting my 1st baby, I got them out, and finished the cross stitch.

It was about 4 years later, that I took my first Quilt Class.  I hauled these bunnies out, one more time
and made them into a quilt!  I am amazed at my persistence!

I hope you have a lovely fall day, filled with quilty love!
xo J

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